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Why A Designer is Like Your Favorite Jeans

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Baffled about what to wear? Thankfully, you’ve always got that go-to pair of jeans. You know the ones I’m talking about: they always feel great and make you look fantastic. In fact, who are you kidding? You actually own four pairs in different washes, because man…they just work for ya'.

Finding an interior designer that works for you is just as rewarding. Here are four ways that a designer worth their salt is like your favorite jeans:

1. ) They accentuate the positive and hide the flaws. Every room, like every body type, has features that deserve highlighting. A quality designer assesses your room’s best architectural features and complements those features through their selections. Interior designers know how to direct the viewer’s eye. Picturesque views, spacious interiors and tall ceilings are just some of the features a designer can further highlight. They’re just like those jeans that really accentuate your figure.

This living room by Heather Garrett Design keeps the furniture to scale, giving this small living room huge impact

2. ) Have you ever noticed how pocket placement on jeans make all the difference? The top-brand jean companies realize this and put research and development (read: $$) into placing back pockets correctly and proportionately. Dinky back pockets, which make your backside appear “more voluminous” than you’d prefer, miss the mark. Designers realize that proper furniture scale and placement hit the bullseye. By accessing the appropriate furniture pieces for your space, they expertly resolve a room’s traffic flow and deftly play with proportion and scale. The results are stunningly in your favor.

Amazing bling in this dining room by Pizzale Design Inc. on Glamorgan Way

3. ) Your favorite jeans possess details that caught your eye. Was it the rivets, artistic stitchery, rips, or bling? Designers, similarly, enrapture your eye with the perfect details for your room. For example, when mirrors and metallics meaningfully mix in a room with glass and other shiny surfaces, they create visual “bling.”

4. ) Uncomfortable jeans don’t get worn; they stay in the closet. The right designer will make you feel comfortable, execute your vision and keep the project on time and on budget—quite a feat. Remember, your project is all about you. Prestigious designers know how to ask the right questions to achieve the finished look you desire, all while fully communicating with you through the process. They make you feel comfortable and keep the process painless.

This townhome living room by Lorraine G. Vale hits the winning mark for space planning

When you find that brand of jeans that hits all the marks, you stick with it. Likewise, a designer that sincerely cares about your needs and works with integrity is one with which you want to keep working. You have found your favored go-to designer!

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Dreamy kitchen by L. Newman Associates/Paul Mansback, Inc.. I think it's safe to say the end goal here was a light-filled kitchen. Beautiful!

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