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Letting Go of What Doesn't Serve You

Letting go of outdated furnishings and décor can be difficult. There are memories tied to each piece. You remember hunting for weeks with your husband to buy that yellow, crushed velvet sofa. It was all the rage at the time. True, it was in 1969, but it was a fond memory nonetheless.

Furniture styles cange but, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever."

And that lamp was given to you by Aunt Gertrude. Aunt Gertrude is still living. What would Auntie say if you got a new lamp? You can already envision her comments and her side-glancing eyes when she notices in horror her gifted lamp is gone! The thought of her scorn keeps you from even considering a replacement.

Fears can hold you back...even in decorating.

Several things tie you up in these situations. First, you may no longer have eyes to see that the yellow, crushed velvet sofa is indeed outdated. Think about it. That couch has welcomed you for the last 40 years. Ok, so maybe it only welcomed you for the first 5. The rest of the time it's just been that thing...that's there...that you bought that time...that your stuck with. You're blind to it.

Is it time for something new and fresh? What's the psychology behind your decision?

We all become blinded to the things around us. We get comfortable with what we have. We no longer see that item for what it is. The sad part is, we look in magazines and think, "That's a pretty room. Oh well, that's not what I've got. I'll never have that." See how we sell ourselves short? Why?

So much psychology goes into interior design. People want a change, but they are very fearful of letting go of the old. I do not sit in judgement—it's something we all have to work through, myself included. However, it is important to reevaluate your home's interior. What makes you happy in your space? What really needs to go? Sure the yellow, crushed velvet sofa is really comfortable. But, perhaps, a new one will be just as comfortable...and look a little more this century.

Updated decor that "rises up and greets you."

Aunt Gertrude, well, she may just have to get over it. You deserve a home that "rises up and greets you." Those famous words were spoken by interior designer, Nate Berkus.

Is your home "rising up to greet you?" Or are the items you possess actually possessing you? Is your home's décor serving you? Does it have a purpose (and yes, bringing you joy and beauty is indeed a purpose).

As I write this, I have an attic full of junk that I need to sell. I, too, have a list of updates for my home. As you can see, I am with you in this! Let's think hard about what would serve us better and make a plan. If you need fresh eyes for your space, find someone that will be honest with you. A professional, of course, can save you from costly mistakes and help pull your room together brilliantly.

Here's to our homes "rising up and greeting us." Let's take the steps necessary to make a change for the better. Let's not let fear or other people's approval keep us from living our best life now!

What are you ultimately investing in?

I leave you with this verse from Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

The yellow, crushed velvet couch has changed—it's out of style. All furnishing and décor will eventually fade out of fashion. However, we serve a God that is unchanging. He was good yesterday and will be good today and good tomorrow. Let's invest our hearts in a God that is steady, unfailing and "changelh not." Thank you, God, for your unfailing goodness!


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