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4 Tips for a Dedicated Study Zone

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

All students need a quiet place in the home to study. Have you considered a dedicated school zone for accomplishing their school projects and homework? Here are four tips from certified interior designer Missy Pitt, owner of Missy Pitt Interiors in Gallatin, and mom of two girls.

1. ) It’s OK for your room to perform double duty. “Our school room doubles as a play room,” explains Missy. “It’s the perfect place for the girls to get serious and crack the books. Everything they need, from their school texts to their art supplies, are organized here. Likewise, toys from Barbies to Legos are housed neatly here too. Our family needed to maximize the space by having it perform two functions.” Additional lamps, which are placed around the room, ensure that all zones receive balanced lighting.

2. ) Think outside the “toybox” with storage. With 36 bins and 16 tin pails, small toys and supplies are organized efficiently. “The large ‘dump-it-all-here’ toy box won’t furnish you the organization you’re craving,” offers Missy. Opt for smaller containers, each holding specified items. Storage can get pricey—get creative. “I found inexpensive cube bins and recovered them in fabric reminiscent of chalkboard script for a custom look. I purchased the tins pails from Target’s dollar area and painted the bottom with chalkboard paint to go with the room’s theme.”

36 bins and 18 tins keep everything from Barbie accessories to Legos organized

3. ) Consider keeping your floorspace flexible. Wall-mounted desks give each kid their dedicated study space and keep the floor open for dancing and Lego builds. By placing desks and storage around the room’s perimeter, there remains versatile floor space for play.

4. ) Minimize distractions. With all toys and supplies neatly stored and a desk dedicated for their use, kids are better able to focus. Basements turned into classrooms are great because they are inherently quiet and away from the “hub-ub” of the rest of the house. “But any room that you have available can work as long as you minimize the distractions and noise,” admits Missy.

Choose decor items and wall art that inspire your family and remind everyone of your educational goals and values. Globes, math games, magnifying glasses and rock collections not only educate, they beautify the room. Frame and your kids’ artwork and cherish growing and learning together in your new space.

Wall-mounted desks in kids' homework zone

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