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Sizing Up Sisal

Sisal can withstand my "Wreck-It-Ralph" family!

My family of four is like "Wreck-It Ralph" on our house and the things in it. I call us the "Pitt Crew" and, yeah, we make messes! That's why I can say if an all-white sisal rug can hold up against my crew, it could work for anyone!

Sisal's many praise-worthy attributes make it popular around the world. The fibers are not hard and abrasive like other natural-fiber rugs, but feel surprisingly soft underfoot. We walk barefoot daily on our cushiony living room rug.

The sisal fiber originates from the Agave plant, which you've probably already heard of as an alternative to processed sugar. Rug makers harvest the long fibers and weave them together to make rugs. These rugs are sustainable, biodegradable and very environmentally friendly.

These same earth-friendly qualities position sisal as an ideal choice for your indoor environment. Sisal rugs do not possess added chemicals, solvents or agents. Their purity makes them especially beneficial for families where babies or pets crawl on them. I recently designed a family room for some empty nesters and included a gorgeous sisal rug because they enjoyed playing games and horseplaying with their grandkids on the floor. Plus, they had a dog!

Sisal rugs are anti-allergen and anti-microbial

Does someone in your family suffer with allergies? Allergies are on the rise according to AAFA.Org and "they affect as many as 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children." Sisal rugs boast both microbial and anti-allergen fibers. Feel good about bringing one home!

Because of their inherent solvent and chemical-free nature, they do not fade in harsh sunlight. Their tough fibers endure heavy traffic and can even withstand the dining room, where chair legs regularly pull in and out against the fibers.

Surprisingly affordable, sisal rugs will work with your budget. Even a very large rug will not cost you and arm and a leg (approximately $300-$450 for a 12x14). Their texture adds depth to any room. I especially enjoy layering other rugs atop a large sisal. In my living room, I positioned a zebra hide over mine and I love how it turned out.

Sisal rugs are quite easy to keep clean. I purchased my sisal from CB2. The directions recommended not using a vacuum beater on it. However, if you own a vacuum with a "bare floors" setting, that should work fine. My vacuum doesn't have that setting. Instead, I use the upholstery wand and it gets the job done.

Let me know if you have questions about sisal and share your experience below with these family-friendly, durable and affordable rugs.

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